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  The Caterer’s Choice linen rental company was formed in 1997 with the mission of always providing excellence in linen quality and service to the client. The company originally started with the vision of providing rental services to the Colorado Front Range customers. Prior to 1997 the Schreck partnership already had 12 years of industry experience in on premise operations and meeting the demanding needs of linen services by their ownership of a large commercial laundry. The Caterer’s Choice now proudly serves the entire State of Colorado. What makes the company unique is its family owned orientation and partnership which is committed to total perfection of each event, no matter how large or small.

The Caterer’s Choice partnership includes:

John H Schreck, President and Managing Partner who oversees sales, customer service relations, marketing and business development and the daily administration of the business.

Beverly Schreck while busy with the financial matters of the company works with School Districts in the area helping to raise funding for school music and arts programs. Her creativity and design concepts form that special look for each fundraising event.

James Schreck manages and oversees the heart of the daily operations of the company inside the “production walls” of the firm, insuring every order being delivered to the customers to be perfect every time from the linen quality to the final leg of service of each event.

Joel Smerchek provides the timeliness and success to the delivery and return stages of each event by managing the shipping and receiving side of the business. Joel’s upbeat personality and flare for event success maintains his daily vigilance in customer service commitment.

The Caterer’s Choice partnership is committed to the total success of every event.


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